Student Passes Driving Test


Student Passes Driving Test

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Student Passes Driving Test

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Student Passes Driving Test

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Katie Taylor student of Ram Roads Driving Instructor

I have loved learning to drive with rich; he was so supportive and really helped me to understand all things about driving. Rich is a very patient and a calm driving instructor which helped me gain confidence in the car. He understood my strengths and weaknesses in the car, rich is very good atteaching driving as he is very aware of the highway code, rules, legislations and is very aware of local roads and traffic and is aware of changes in the law, tests and car rules. I loved that I could choose my lessons and how long I could have like 1 hour, 1 hour and half and 2 hours depending on my personal circumstances.

Rich from Ram Roads, Provided me with an excellent service, when I first started to learn to drive I was a nervous wreck, and now ive became a positive and safe driver. Something I really appreciated that he was really happy to teach me at a speed I wanted and needed, he will work around you, which was great for me as I was at college and work most days so I was able to fit in lessons around me which was perfect.

Even though rich worked for the AA he is an independent teacher I was really impressed with the service I got from him as he was recommended to me through friends who had already passed with him, so I was already aware he was good, he is always reliable and on time and flexible to pick up from various destinations. The encouragement that I got was really good and made my driving more enjoyable, he was able to support me when I went for my theory constantly asking questions and giving me outside support like telling me where to revise, what apps to use to help me pass both theory and practical test.

The patience of rich is amazing as I did struggle with certain driving points like hill starts and manoeuvres within time he got me to do them perfectly, encouraging me to do them more so I could make it better every time so it would be test ready. He was constantly assessingdifferent parts of my driving keeping records of the driving things I had completed and was confidenton and things that needed some work.

Anyone that is looking for a calm, happy and well knowledgeable driving instructor who knows about the car, roads and safe driving, rich is your guy! He is a lovely person who will assess your driving skills and help you to pass your test. Rich is not a normal driving instructor, rich goes that extra mile and into depth about everything to do with your driving. He takes time for each student and will work around you, rich will constantly push you to achieve and will work at speeds you wish. Rich is a reliable person.

I was very happy with him, as he is a great instructor with great knowledge he is a happy, bubbly guy who can make you feel so relaxed while learning this life skill I couldn’t of been happier, thanks to him I am now a safe driver who couldn’t of done it without him, I would recommend him every time!

Katie Taylor

A great instructor

After previously having a bad experience with another driving instructor my confidence became knocked and I initially gave up with driving all together. I had a year break as my confidence was at its lowest, when I decided I was going to give driving another go. I looked around on the internet and come across the AA, they rang me and arranged a block of lessons with me and told me my instructor would be in touch. Then my phone rung it was my instructor and luckily for me it was rich!:).

On meeting rich I was very nervous to get behind the wheel again due to my experience before but rich made me feel comfortable and made me feel like I could do it and do it well. Rich is very patient and understanding and he shows you step by step and never gives up if you don’t do it perfectly, he pushes you because he knows you are able to do it. I’m now so close to my driving test and I certainly wouldn’t have got this far if it wasn’t for rich and his expertise. I’m really glad the AA gave me rich as my instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of starting lessons. If you want a relaxed atmosphere and a great instructor then his the one for you.

Lauren Harris
Current pupil.

“When I first decided to learn to drive it took me some time because I was terrified I would have an instructor who would be overbearing, intimidating and constantly criticizing. However, when I started to learn with Rich I realised that driving is supposed to be enjoyable. When I first got in a car, I was very anxious and nervous but after a few lessons, I began to feel relaxed and over time more confident. Rich was encouraging, patient and very kind. He would never get angry, no matter how many times I stalled or panicked. He also taught me skills I would need when I actually drove as of course not many people sit and drive in total silence; we spoke a lot, so I could multi-task and we listened to music.

Rich was also very organized, each week, we had a plan of what to work on for that lesson as well as where I was improving. He kept track of how many times I had done a certain maneuver or types of roads. I have recommended him to so many of my friends and they have all felt the same as I have. I also told him at the start of my lessons when I wanted to pass by and that goal was met. Another important thing was that lessons were never rushed, I could go at my own pace which I think has made me much more confident when I drive now.”

Let me know if it’s ok. I hope everything works out for you and I hope Kate is doing well too.
Best wishes,
Kirsty x

Thank you Kirsty, we appreciate your testimonial, we are hoping all the best for you and your driving!
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