“When I first decided to learn to drive it took me some time because I was terrified I would have an instructor who would be overbearing, intimidating and constantly criticizing. However, when I started to learn with Rich I realised that driving is supposed to be enjoyable. When I first got in a car, I was very anxious and nervous but after a few lessons, I began to feel relaxed and over time more confident. Rich was encouraging, patient and very kind. He would never get angry, no matter how many times I stalled or panicked. He also taught me skills I would need when I actually drove as of course not many people sit and drive in total silence; we spoke a lot, so I could multi-task and we listened to music.

Rich was also very organized, each week, we had a plan of what to work on for that lesson as well as where I was improving. He kept track of how many times I had done a certain maneuver or types of roads. I have recommended him to so many of my friends and they have all felt the same as I have. I also told him at the start of my lessons when I wanted to pass by and that goal was met. Another important thing was that lessons were never rushed, I could go at my own pace which I think has made me much more confident when I drive now.”

Let me know if it’s ok. I hope everything works out for you and I hope Kate is doing well too.
Best wishes,
Kirsty x

Thank you Kirsty, we appreciate your testimonial, we are hoping all the best for you and your driving!
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