Advantages of Learning From The Best Driving Instructor Havering

What are the advantages of learning from the best driving instructor Havering? The basic advantage lies in the fact that you are provided with the best and most amiable for of knowledge. While the crux of driving revolves around the practical experience, it is true that only the best can account for the future-best.

1. Renowned driving instructor Havering with expertise have a better inherited ability to maneuver the vehicle in tough roads. The high density of experience is like a catalyst in acquiring the skill.

2. Renowned and professional drivers can take control of multiple vehicles secured with the latest technological assets. This makes the learning experience widespread and concrete as well.

3. Better drivers have instantaneous access to solutions during any crisis on the road. Their vast knowledge is like the “tricks of the trade” for any newbie within the driving schools Havering.

4. All the practical knowledge infused with years of experience is like the perfect blend that is required to produce safer and better drivers for the future.

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RAM Roads One of The Best Driving Schools Havering

For you to select the best driving schools Havering that train and offer the best services to you there should be some benefits available and here are some that come with my services.

  • Professional instructor

Fully trained and qualified for the task and offer the best services while paying attention to every client with a different need. You will get a chance to learn from the best in the business, and this is one sure way to boost your confidence.

  • Properly maintained and serviced fleet

I use specially designed cars to train my students to minimize the chances of accidents during training. The cars are routinely checked and serviced by the best mechanics to ensure they operate exceptionally.

Why Take Intensive Driving Lessons Havering ?


Intensive driving lessons Havering are your basic crash course that can be learned in even lesser time than what it would take if you were to take a whole program of driving lessons. But this isn’t for the faint of heart, as you will be driving for six hours a day for almost a week, taking your test the next day you finish! So what exactly are the perks of taking intensive driving lessons Havering?

  • They aren’t time consuming and will only take a week at most.
  • You won’t need to waste anymore time having to learn something for almost a year if you are able to do it within the month!
  • You also get to save a lot of money on these lessons, almost half of what you would normally pay for a program. It’s a great solution for those who are on a budget and time limit, but again, you’ll have to be ready as it truly is intensive!

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Better Ways: Driving Lessons Havering

Are you looking for driving lessons Havering?

Whether you need an intensive driving course or just 2-3 driving lessons per week, this is the place where you can get all necessary informations. From your first driving lesson, until you take your practical driving test, the driving school will help with your all driver training requirements. It is possible to take automatic or manual driving lessons, with male or female instructors in all areas of Havering. Comfortable and relaxed driving lessons will make that students enjoy driving training. It will also enable them to pass the driving test and become responsible drivers.

It is a very important step to learn to drive safely when you are 17 years old, but also if you are older and looking for a career change. Driving licence will help in your everyday life and also with job opportunities. So, look at the offers and choose the right driving school and driving instructor Havering.

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Testing Cars for Real-World Emission Figures

Car makers have been facing today some tougher emission regulations than ever before. So, it is seen that by the year 2021, all new car models should achieve 95 gram per kilometer of CO2, whilst the current New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) has been set for replacement to prevent carmakers from using loopholes of the laboratory in the emission tests.

So, in 2017, the new test cycle dubbed as the “World Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure” or WLTP is set to come into force. This is expected to make conditions in tests more “real-world” than ever. Therefore, the two-year time frame before the ultimate enforcement of this new test procedure needs a unified effort of the industry’s brightest of minds in order to thrive.

For many car buyers, unachievable economic condition has long been a concern, so they hoped that the new measures will change the trend. Giving consumers more confidence is their aim as they can hit mpg targets which are quoted on the road, and they will be able to use these figures to better influence their decisions in buying new cars.

However, such stringent measures need investment and research particularly with only a remaining few years until targets must be achieved. Whilst there’s a huge stride which has already been made in reducing CO2 emission levels, the lower number falls the harder that carmakers have to thrive for the diminishing returns.

Hence, it’s currently a car industry-wide struggle, thus car makers have been assisted by many of the brightest minds in the business in order to win this battle. They need to prepare themselves through the brightest possible means so that they can avoid the havoc and pain that diminishing returns will bring unto them that will probably cripple the car industry across the globe.

On the other hand, in a new £2.6million Centre for Low Emission Vehicle Research or CLEVeR located at Bath University – the latest expansion to it’s highly-rated Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre or PVRC, where the very latest technology that helps cut emissions, the Auto Express was invited for a guided tour throughout the facility.

The facility has been one of the most unique set-ups in the car industry that provides any researcher with the ability to review “real-world” driving situations whilst collecting all the important data with improving accuracy.

Therefore, with the current change in emission legislation in the United Kingdom (UK), the Bath University has been put in a unique position because its new set-up has been designed to conveniently accommodate the new WLTP tests.

It should be known that the researches being conducted at the Bath University is not only for theoretical analysis and academic papers. The PVRC has already been involved heavily with car makers through its engine and transmission bays.

It can be recalled that there was a high-level research took place with Ford in developing the one-litre EcoBoost engine as well as its ongoing work on UltraBoost engine with JLR that helped towards the latest two-litre ingenium engine.

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The Importance of Checking Your Tyres

Driving instructors Havering tips: Checking your tyres is as important as checking your level of alertness and health conditions before driving your car on the road. Precise tyre pressure is very essential for a safe travel.

Remember that tyre pressure is a measurement of the air pressure inside each tyre of your car. It’s an essential aspect of car maintenance. Bear in mind at all time that an incorrect tyre pressure can affect the handling, safety and fuel economy of your car including the lifespan of your tyres.

The amount of air inside the tyre determines the tyre pressure. So, it’s just normal for this to reduce over time even if your tyre is in good condition, therefore you need to add air to your tyres from time to time in order to often keep them at the correct air pressure.

Remember that there are two units being used for air pressure measuring in the United Kingdom (UK). The first and probably the most common is the psi which is already old-fashioned. This acronym psi stands for “pounds per square inch.” It’s a measurement in pounds where you can read how much pressure is applied to every square inch of the wall of the tyre. The most common of this pressure is: 30psi.

The other unit of measurement is bar. This is called a metric unit. One bar means the pressure of the atmosphere at sea level. The most common tyre pressure in bar is 2.1bar. It is equivalent to 30psi.

The air pressure increases as you pump air into your tyre. Then the pressure decreases over time whilst the air just naturally escapes or when you intentionally let the air out of the tyre. Remember that carmakers have been advising drivers to adjust their tyre pressures according to the number of people on board your vehicle and how much luggage it is carrying.

Actually, this is something that many drivers overlook, and in so doing, they’re costing themselves hundreds of pounds every year whilst they’re compromising their vehicle’s performance.

However, in some circumstances such as driving on snow or mud, the under-inflated tyres or lower-than-normal air pressure could be an advantage. However, it’s important to make sure that your tyres have been inflated as per instruction by the tyre manufacturer.

Now the inquiry: Why is tyre pressure so important? It is because tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. And there are two essential processes: (1.)  Steering (2.) Stopping. These processes are entirely dependent on the ability of the tyres to grip the road surface.

As the pressure of the tyres change, so too do their shape. So, remember that the overinflated tyres have a rounded profile which doesn’t have enough contact with the road. Whereas, the underinflated tyres have a slightly concave profile which means that the centre of the tyre , where most of the grip is on, isn’t any more contacting effectively with the road. So, this will increase the wear on the tyre’s sidewalls.

On the other hand, the fuel economy may be the least important aspect of your vehicle affected by tyre pressures, however, it’s also the one most likely to push many motorists into checking their tyres frequently. But very simply put, underinflated tyres make your car harder to turn and so they will cause the engine to consume more fuel.

Therefore, tyres need to be inflated to the correct air pressure for optimum fuel economy. Also remember their environmental implications –that a car with underinflated tyres is burning more fossil fuel, thus emits more harmful CO2.

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Best Driving Sunglasses

If leaves are falling and a chill in the air is felt anew that make driving conditions deteriorating as autumn is here again across Britain, then you need something essential – the best driving sunglasses, but why is so? It’s because autumn and winter weather will herald the driving risk of low and blinding sunlight during your evening and morning trips, making a pair of decent sunglasses very essential. Here are some great suggestions from the best driving schools Havering.

During the autumn and winter, wearing sunglasses to avoid the glare of low and blinding sunlight has been as important as it is during the months of the summer season. So, here are five various pairs of driving sunglasses which could fit to your budget:

(1.)  Serengeti San Remo and Brera. This is provided by Evo.. Remember that the two technological facets have been defining sunglasses according to the properties of the lenses and the construction of the frames. This Serengeti has two types of lenses: (1.)  Glass (2.) Polar PhD.

The Polar PhD is a more resilient lens compared to the Glass. These two types of lenses are aimed at reducing eye fatigue whilst at wheel.

Remember that the weight of the sunglasses is essential. The light weight is more important. One example of lightweight sunglasses is the Brera shades which has been featured for £225. It uses frames made of copper-beryllium alloy. This type of alloy which is very light in weight has been used in aerospace, weaponry and precision tools.

Whilst the San Remo, priced at £197 is using a titanium construction, there’s also one which is made of carbonfibre. You can find these two types of sunglasses at

(2.)  Maui Jim Waterways. It’s still provided by Evo.. It is created in Hawaii, so you can expect it to be effective. This shades of Maui Jim’s classic-style would certainly put you in the good mood whilst driving in a sunny weather. This Waterways, priced at £165, has its effectiveness being praised by  Evo subeditor Richard Lane.

Lane praises the way polarised lenses of Waterways cut the glare of low and blinding sunlight and offer  a superb clarity in his vision ahead even when it has been overcast.

The broad frames of the Waterways also offer good coverage. It is much different compared to smaller frames which could let too much light leak through to your eyes. It has many lens colours available from grey to brown, with various frame finishes. You can buy them at

(3.)  Sunwise Nectar Black. It’s provided by Evo.. Oxford-based Sunwise takes inspiration from sports and outdoors activities, and even sponsors several up-and-coming motorsports stars. Several lens options are available to cut UV light and fogging, while ‘Polafusion’ technology reduces glare. The firm does an entire range of motorsport and motorcycling-inspired designs.

These Nectar shades are part of the range, with flat arms that the company says are ideal for wearing under a cap or helmet. They’re also refreshingly affordable at £18.99. Find them at

(4.)  Ray-Ban Clubmaster and Cockpit. It’s provided by Evo. at £135. Few brands are better known as shades rather than Ray-Ban. The company’s aviator and wayfarer styles have been popular for several decades. In fact, as far back as 1936, they were used by the pilots that inspired the frames’ moniker. Then, the company has been offering a great choice of various lens and designs with titanium and carbonfibre frames and polarising lenses.

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Driving Instructor Havering Tips: Keeping Cool On The Road

In keeping you out of trouble on the road, it’s vital to have the knowledge from the best driving instructor Havering on how to keep yourself cool behind the steering wheel during the official British summertime.

To keep yourself cool, just always remember the Highway Code Rule 237 which says: “KEEP YOUR VEHICLE WELL-VENTILATED IN ORDER TO AVOID DROWSINESS.”

Try to open a window of your car to keep fresh air flowing through inside when you’re driving at a lower speed. Whilst doing this, you can also keep the aircon on, otherwise, the hot air will soon have the cabin scorching hot. However, to have a window ajar will stop the air to dry out.

But in doing this, you need yourself to have some adjustments because when you drive at a higher speed, such as on dual carriageways and motorways, opening your car windows would cause too much drag and it would increase your fuel consumption as well as the noise and driving distraction.

Leave it to the air con or, better still, the climate control system. This will turn the fan up and down, and alter the amount of heat added to the cooled condensed air, to maintain the cabin at a constant temperature. Some systems even have light sensors, so they can tell when the sun is shining directly on the car, and crank up the air con a bit more to offset it.

Keep yourself hydrated. The hotter it is the climate, the quicker you’ll dehydrate yourself, and the sooner you’ll loose your driving concentration. If you’re on a long drive to a faraway destination, make sure to take a bottle of drinking water with you.

You can also wear a pair of sunglasses to avoid being dazzled by low evening sun. Remember that sunglasses are essential any time in a sunny day as you can never predict when the glare of a reflected shopfront or windscreen will catch you out.

You should plan ahead of your trip that includes the situation such as Network Rail that has warned the public that it will impose speed restriction on some of its lines during the heatwave peak, so any risk could be expected in possible public transport chaos which will force many motorists onto the road.

Also remember that your car needs water, so in bringing water for yourself to avoid being dehydrated in summer heat, don’t forget to have excess amount for your car. Bear in mind that a car is more likely to overheat in hot weather condition, especially if you’re stuck in a traffic jam. So, you need to check the water level before setting off.

Make sure your brake fluid is enough, and then check the level of your engine oil. Remember that hot days could bring out the bugs, so some good screen wash is a must before you set off.

When driving, keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If it’s getting too hot, pull over where safe to do so and switch off the engine. However, don’t try topping up the water straight away because the system will still be under pressure and you will end up scalding yourself as boiling water will squirt out.

If you’re leaving children or pets in the car, leave the window open slightly, or the vehicle will heat up very quickly. You also need to consider a sunshade on the windscreen so the car won’t become uncomfortably hot when you return.

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Defence to a Charge of Dangerous Driving Lessons Havering

If you are charged of dangerous driving, you’ll face a lot of trouble and worse, you’ll be imprisoned and your driving licence will be revoked. However, if you could resort to a lawyer who is a specialist in defending drivers in this situation, you’ll find some mitigation to your sentence which is lesser than imprisonment.

Any person who has been convicted and disqualified from driving for a dangerous driving offence would be required to take an extended driving re-test or driving lessons Havering  before he or she is allowed to drive a vehicle again. If you’re ordered to take an extended re-test, then you’ll remain disqualified from driving until you’ve completed such an appropriate re-test.

One good example is the offence of dangerous driving committed by a driver named Mr. James (his family name withheld for confidentiality), who was prosecuted for failing to stop as well as failing to report the road accident in connection with a  traffic collision on the Motorway 6.

It can be recalled that for the weekend escapade, Mr. James had been going away and was running late. As he drove his car heading south along the M6, the motorway was congested heavily. In his impatience, he drove hastily and with some bad fate he made the decision to begin weaving between the cars in all three lanes of the motorway.

As he completed one of these manoeuvres, he struck the nearside or the passenger side of a car which was driven by a young lady who was with both old and young passengers. The collision pushed the other vehicle to spin along the motorway and then rested on the hardshoulder. Whilst injuries were sustained, fortunately none were serious.

Mr. James, being shocked at the collision, didn’t know how to respond, so he continued driving his car along the motorway, and eventually reported the incident to the police station.

In view of many independent witnesses around when the accident happened and Mr. James’ earlier admission that he was the driver of the vehicle involved, a lawyer made a good defence by advising Mr. James that his appropriate plea was one of guilty and that their ultimate objective was to avoid his imprisonment.

Mr James’ case was elevated to the Crown Court. Following a thorough negotiation, the prosecution had agreed that it had, in fact, only been a short lived piece of driving and that it had never been deliberate or tinged with “road rage” and that Mr. James failure to stop was caused by his own shock.

In these circumstances, Mr. James was sentenced, and the Judge imposed an eight-month custodial sentence, which  was suspended for 12 months and which he is not going to serve provided that within the period he would not commit another serious offence and that he would complete the 200 hours of community service.

Given the facts and the very real risk of the case such as an immediate sentence of imprisonment, the success of his lawyer in defending Mr. James in court made him feel so relieved and he became a happy man. So, it’s clearly manifested herein how vital a lawyer’s job in winning this case and his role in making sure that Mr. James won’t have far reaching and longstanding consequences.

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Driver Improvement Driving Lesson Havering

Some drivers who have committed a speeding offence or an offence of careless driving may be invited to attend a course as an alternative to prosecution. Many of them have been responding the invitation because attending a course for driver improvement is doubly advantageous.

In addition to these more common driving lesson Havering, there are some police forces which have also begun to offer courses for other motoring offences such as contravening a red traffic signal and using a mobile phone whilst behind the steering wheel.

The great benefit to the motorists if they would attend on these courses is that it would avoid the endorsement of penalty points on your driving licence and the imposition of a fine. There’s however, a fee for you to pay in attending on such courses.

It’s a matter of a police officer’s discretion as to whether you’re offered a driver awareness, speed awareness or other such driving lesson Havering.

If you can get the services of a good lawyer, he can make representations to the police which would be based upon the guidance issued by the ASPO or the Association of Chief Police Officers, and the local police force issued guidance, as to your attendance on a course be allowed instead of prosecution.

Then, you may take the Speed Awareness Course. That is if you’ve committed a speeding offence within the area of a police force which adopts the National Speed Awareness Scheme. You would be offered the opportunity in taking part of a speed awareness course, so you’ll avoid a fixed fine and penalty points on your driving licence.

This course could last up to five and a half hours and it would involve a classroom teaching and a possible practical on-the-road session. The course would require a payment of a fee which usually runs between £60 and £100.

Another one is the Driver Improvement Course. The NDIS or National Driver Improvement Scheme and the NDAC or the National Driver Awareness Course are both accepted courses across the United Kingdom (UK) which would be offered to any motorist who has committed an offence of careless driving.

The course has been lengthy and requires attendance for one and a half days. It’s usually carried out on Friday and Saturday morning with a payment of usually around £125.00.

On the other hand, there is a good example of a driver that committed an offence of careless driving who took the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution after being allowed by the court.

The prosecution arose from an incident in which the driver (named Mr. Williams) had turned right into the car park of a supermarket, crossing the path of a coming motorcyclist. This had resulted in a collision and the motorcyclist was hospitalised, but fortunately, there was no serious injury.

Then, Mr. Williams accepted in court that it was his fault and that his driving standard had fallen below what was expected of a careful and competent driver, however, the accident was clearly unintentional. So, he was worried about losing his driving licence because he relied upon it for his work or livelihood.

The court proceedings was adjourned in order for the lawyer to make representations that this was a case which could be addressed properly by Mr. Williams by attending a driver improvement course. Then, the court accepted the submissions and he was allowed to attend the course after the court proceedings were discontinued and the case was dismissed.

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