Passed first time! =)

5* – Rich is professional, completely understanding, easy to get along with and he goes at your pace. Passed first time! =) Thanks Rich!

fantastic instructor

Rich is a fantastic instructor. He has a holistic approach to learning to drive, focusing on teaching you to drive safely in any situation. Learning is done at your own pace and feedback is clear, concise and consistent.
I really enjoyed learning with Ram Roads and it was a pleasure to get to know Rich.

I would highly reccomend Ram Roads to anyone who is learning to drive!

amazing instructor and teacher

Had just over a month to pass my test – with absolutely no driving experience. Passed!!! Rich is an amazing instructor and teacher. He is constructive and when needed firm – all round top notch. I would highly recommend him! Thanks Rich!!! 😀

I can’t express how much I recommend him.

I have been taking my lessons, 10 2hr lessons so far with Rich at Ram Roads and I can’t express how much I recommend him. Rich has built and reshaped my driving technique and has given me great confidence in driving and as I use a motorcycle daily his technique has also aided me in my day to day commute.
Weather your a nervous or quitely “confident person, Rich will ensure that he will get you in the best position and have you test ready at your “speed” that you are comfortable with.
I recommend Rich of Ram Roads very highly.